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Posted by lsaedi on September 10, 2013 · Leave a Comment (Edit)
I have been a bankruptcy attorney for over a decade and I have seen many angry creditors. Some rightfully so because they were being denied payment and needed that money for their own business. Others have launched into a tirade attacking our clients on a personal level which even then I am pretty much immune. However yesterday was the worst example of a collection creditor that I have EVER seen in my entire career.
My office was contacted by an auto creditor demanding to know if the car that our Chapter 13 client was driving was totaled and if so where was it located. She also informed us that there was a fatality in the accident and wanted to know if our client was the fatality! My entire office was astounded by the rudeness and complete disregard for someone’s life. Not to mention that this is a Chapter 13 case and this creditor already had the insurance information.
Making that phone call to my client was one of the hardest calls I have ever had to make because my client also has a young daughter who could have been the causality. Luckily for our client she was injured but alive but the other driver who hit her was not so lucky.

This was a good reminder to me as a bankruptcy attorney of what our clients face on a daily basis before they come to see us. Time and time again we see clients literally on the edge because of harassing calls and threats. Although this is illegal it still happens every day and many people commit suicide or worse, harm others due to overwhelming debt.
At least our client was shielded from this harassment by the bankruptcy code but many people are not so lucky.

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