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Lawsuit Response Georgia

Saedi Law Group Launches Lawsuit Response Online Application

Bankruptcy is not always the right option when faced with a lawsuit. Knowing how to fight a debt collection suit is vital but unfortunately the attorney fees to defend these suits are out of most consumer’s price range. The lawyers of Saedi Law Group, LLC have developed an online application to assist Georgia consumers with fighting debt collection suits for an affordable price.

Georgia consumers can now go to www.lawsuitresponse.com to assist them with responding to lawsuits and garnishments. All services are under $60 and provides a more affordable way for consumers to fight collection lawsuits.

“We probably get about 10 calls a day from Georgia residents who are facing lawsuits but the amount of debt they have isn’t really practical for filing a bankruptcy. The attorney fees that the consumer would incur to fight the suit is sometimes more than the suit itself! We created this online application to provide an effective low-cost alternative to this problem”

Lorena Saedi, Managing Partner

The response we have received from clients has been great. For many people, once they respond to the suit they are able to completely defeat the creditor’s claim and avoid any liability. Unfortunately, creditors rely on the fact that most people never respond to the lawsuits and they obtain a default judgment and then move to collection via garnishment.

Lawsuit response was designed in-house by experienced attorneys. Saedi Law Group will be launching an online “Divorce and Bankruptcy” seminar in the next few months so that anyone considering divorce can ensure that their rights are protected should another party file bankruptcy.

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