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Refile Chapter 13 Case That Has Been Dismissed

If your Chapter 13 case has been dismissed you can refile your case immediately to reinstate the bankruptcy protection on your property. Remember that as soon as you receive notice of your case dismissal so do your creditors! This means that if you have a car or home that you were repaying through your case these assets could be repossessed or foreclosure could begin immediately upon dismissal.

Cases are dismissed for many reasons. You may have just fallen behind on your payments, your attorney may not have filed required documents with the court, or you may have not shown up for a required meeting.

Whatever the reason your case was dismissed our office would like to remind you no to judge all attorneys by your previous experience.

Our firm is NOT a “bankruptcy mill” that files hundreds of cases each month. We focus on quality not quantity. Choose a law firm that will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. If your case is not accepted due to our error we refund 100% of all fees!

We understand the stress, anger, and frustration that our clients feel. If your experience was less than excellent with your previous attorney then call us TODAY. We can even provide a consult on the phone if that is easier for you. We can also pull all of your previous case information as well so you don’t have to worry about getting any information from your old law firm.

Contact us today at 404-889-8663 or fill in the contact information below to explore your options. Schedule a FREE consultation with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney.

Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer
“The first law firm I used was a firm I heard on the radio. Sounded big and I thought that was better. Wow I was wrong! I never spoke to the same person when I could get a person on the phone and I had no idea what was going on with my case.

Things were 100% better the first time I met with Saedi Law Group. They were not only nice and easy to work with but they also kept me informed throughout the whole process. You want a bankruptcy attorney you will personally work with you not some large firm that you are only a case number to! My case was approved and I am on the road to restricting my financial life.”

Katherine, Current Chapter 13 Client

Refiling Your Case is Simple

We know that having your case dismissed is disappointing and frustrating but we can get you back on track immediately. In fact, we can pull all of your previous case information and do all of the work for you! Most clients just need to bring the last 60 days of pay stubs and their last filed tax return to restart the case!

For the same price or less than most bankruptcy firms you can have personalized attention and experienced attorneys handling your case.

You don’t want to be just another number! Do your research! “Google” us! For many qualified clients we can file your case with NO MONEY DOWN for attorney fees.

Call Saedi Law Group today at 404-889-8663 and see how the right Atlanta bankruptcy law firm can make all the difference!