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Attending Your 341 Meeting of Creditors Hearing

Calendar your 341 Meeting of Creditors so that you do not miss the hearing. It is YOUR responsibility to attend this hearing. This hearing is mandatory and failure to attend this hearing may result in the dismissal of your case. Make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your hearing. Cell phones are not allowed in the federal building so leave these in your case. You will also need to present your photo ID and proof of social security number at the hearing.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Court

atlanta bankruptcy court

Newnan Bankruptcy Court

newnan bankruptcy court

Gainesville Bankruptcy Court

gainesville bankruptcy court

Rome Bankruptcy Court

Rome bankruptcy court

Checklist for Completing Your Case

Attend your 341 hearing.
Complete your SECOND credit counseling course. You can go to www.debtoredu.com or www.abacuscc.org to complete the course.
Confirm with our office in writing that we received the second course. You can email info@saedilawgroup.com to confirm receipt and filing of this certificate.
If you are keeping your car make sure you have received the reaffirmation agreement AND it has been filed. You can email Krista in our office at info@saedilawgroup.com.

Common Questions In Chapter 7

I received a Motion for Relief from Stay in the mail. What is this?

You do NOT need to attend the hearing. This motion will be granted because you are in a Chapter 7 case and if you wish to retain the secured property you will either have to make sure the account is current OR you can work out a repayment plan directly with the creditor.

I need an authorization to speak directly to a creditor.

If you would like speak directly with a creditor in your case they cannot do so unless we consent. Once you are represented by counsel the creditors cannot talk to you unless this consent is received in writing. Please click on the form below to access the consent form.

Authorization to Speak Directly with Creditor Form

The United States Trustee has requested additional information from me.

The United States Trustee Program is a component of the Department of Justice that seeks to promote the efficiency and protect the integrity of the Federal bankruptcy system. To further the public interest in the just, speedy and economical resolution of cases filed under the Bankruptcy Code , the Program monitors the conduct of bankruptcy parties and private estate trustees, oversees related administrative functions, and acts to ensure compliance with applicable laws and procedures. It also identifies and helps investigate bankruptcy fraud and abuse in coordination with United States Attorneys , the Federal Bureau of Investigation , and other law enforcement agencies.

Typically, some clients will receive a request to provide the documentation related to their case. If you receive such a notice you will need to provide BOTH our office and the UST’s office a COPY of all requested documents.

Need to Add Creditors to Your Case

If you forgot to list a creditor in your case it is not too late! Please click on the button below to add creditors to your case before the case is discharged.

Add Creditors